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Given the continuing risk associated with the disease caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) in the United States and around the world, the prohibition on all University international and non-essential domestic travel will remain in place for the foreseeable future. If you require an exception to the prohibition on international travel, please request an application from the Office of the Provost’s at Requests for exceptions to the policy (SEC-046: COVID-19 Health & Safety Requirement – Travel Restrictions on International and Domestic Travel for Business & Instructional Purposes) will be evaluated for approval based on the following set of considerations:

  • The potential benefit of travel with regard to the mission of the University
  • The necessity of the travel in order to achieve the anticipated benefit
  • The potential risk to personal health and safety
  • The University’s ability to assist in a return to the United States in emergency circumstances
  • The risk to the health and safety of the University and Charlottesville community

Please note that due to the health and safety risks associated with travel during a pandemic, the University anticipates a limited number of approvals and only in exceptional circumstances. Any international University travel without a formal exception from the Office of the Provost will not be funded or reimbursed.

Non-essential domestic University travel is also prohibited. Essential travel is defined as supporting activities that are absolutely necessary, cannot be rescheduled, and must be done in person. If a supervisor, associate dean, or dean deems the travel essential, it will be reimbursed. If not, it will not be reimbursed. No formal approval from the Office of the Provost is required.

We ask all University employees to take account of this guidance as they evaluate their own non-essential, personal travel. Check the state and territorial health department websites for the latest information. If you do travel internationally, it is important to note that return may be difficult.


  • Domestic - 833-454-6902
  • International - +1 202 800-2408