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FAQs for Staff


Each individual and unit of the University is as unique in our needs, constraints, and opportunities for flexibility. Schedule accommodations and remote work agreements are primarily addressed at the School or unit level. Managers will be working with employees to plan for the reintegration of employees and can work with employees and UVAHR to assess the option of temporary modification and available leave options.

Below are specific FAQs for staff. More detailed information and resources can be found on the HR Returning to Grounds site. For further expectations about health and safety for Fall 2020, visit our Public Health Measures guidelines.

Remote Work and Leave Considerations

What types of leave may I take during the University’s modified status?
There are different leave types employees may take for different situations related to COVID-19 and during our modified status. These leave types, descriptions and considerations are provided and continually updated on the HR Managing Leave During the Coronavirus webpage.
How will the University handle faculty and staff requests for accommodation or modifications in light of COVID-19?

We will make every effort to grant requests from faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants to work or teach remotely or for other reasonable accommodations or modifications in light of COVID-19. We are mindful that individual circumstances make some individuals more vulnerable than others to the effects of this disease. As always, employees entitled to reasonable accommodations under the Americans with Disabilities Act will receive them. Beyond that, we will prioritize requests from those who are at higher risk for severe illness, as well as anyone with a household member at higher risk. Outside of those categories, we will make every effort to grant reasonable modification requests. As deans, department chairs, and managers plan for the Fall, they will work with Employee Relations and Business Partners to honor requests while considering the impact on and constraints of research, curricular, student, and workplace needs. We are keenly aware that each individual and unit of the University is as unique in our needs, constraints, and opportunities for flexibility as we are united in the common goal of excellence in teaching, research, and patient care.

Just as faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants may currently request modifications directly from their dean, department chair, or supervisor, those comfortable making COVID-19-related requests through those channels are free to do so. Anyone concerned about privacy or confidentiality may instead submit this form to Employee Relations. Schools and units will follow up with additional details about implementation and timing. Let us say in advance: We know how much we have asked of you already this year, and we know how much what lies ahead will require of you and of us. We are beyond grateful.

Support Resources

What support resources are available to employees?
There are a variety of resources available for employees to help meet your needs from back-up care to wellbeing. Please see those resources listed below.


Will UTS buses continue to provide bus service? Will there be any changes to bus capacity, routes, or frequency?

UTS is operating but due to COVID-19, passengers can expect changes:

  • Passengers and drivers are required to wear a face covering.
  • Passengers should board through the rear doors (exception: passengers who need the ramp will board through the front doors).
  • The standee line has been moved away from the driver and seating capacity has been reduced by 60%. These capacity changes require significant route changes that will prioritize longer trips.Trips that are walkable in 10 minutes or less will not be supported by transit. Staff, faculty, and students who ride the bus from their parking areas should allow extra time for their commute.
  • Service will end at 10PM to allow for enhanced cleaning of buses.

COVID-19 UTS Riders’ Guide

Complete information about UTS

Will there be any changes related to my parking location or fee?
  • With some modifications, parking management, including locations and fees, will return to normal in August. Communications will be issued to employee permit holders in late July. Modifications include:
    • Some commuter parking permit designations will be consolidated and residential student storage parking formerly near the stadium and in the Emmet/Ivy Garage will be relocated.
    • Parking meters and payment stations will be removed. Meter payments throughout Grounds, including the recreation centers, will be exclusively via ParkMobile app.
    • New options will be available for those who need to park on Grounds occasionally.
    • Technology-based parking management approaches will be implemented with increased use of on-line transactions and parking by license plate.
    • In-person customer service will be by appointment only.
    • Parking citations may be issued via US Mail or email.
  • Parking information


What are the plans for Athletics in the Fall?
We are planning for Fall sporting events to be held on Grounds, and student athletes will be hearing from coaches about steps that will allow them to train and compete safely. We have not yet made final decisions about fan attendance, but we will communicate plans to our ticket holders and supporters as those decisions are made.


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  • International - +1 202 800-2408